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Astonishing Basketball Manager
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Astonishing Basketball Manager APK Premium Pro OBB MOD Unlimited Download

New: My Franchise player mode with College Cup!

Astonishing Basketball is a basketball manager simulator game with over 5M games played every month. Become the manager of your own basketball team and lead your players to the ultimate reward: becoming the best coach and winning the Basketball Cup! You can play offline or online, with no ads.

🏀 Main features:
★In-depth stats and basketball game simulations. You’re the coach and GM!
★Unlimited saves with many modes, playable offline without ads
★Many competitive online modes for the pros with regular events
★Create your own star player with the new “My Franchise Player” career mode and the new College Cup!
★Player’s story mode with “The Prodigy”, from star of the campus to Hall of Famer
★Manage your arena
★Narrative gameplay with a deep lore
★Community-created rosters and draft classes

Astonishing Basketball is not your usual basketball manager game. It’s not only about stats and ratings. It’s not just drafting prospects, trading players, exploring strategies and signing prospects, or building a dynasty. In Astonishing Basketball, you’re writing your own GM life story with one goal in mind: win the Cup.

*Play offline for free, whenever you want, wherever you want, as much as you want! Play the game during your commute, slam dunk during your lunch break, or sign basketball stars during the commercials. It’s the ultimate basketball manager game!

*A living world
Astonishing Basketball features a simulated but living world. Fans are posting about your team. Players send you messages about their contract. Or you might have to improvise what’s for dinner. Not even mentionning the scary Regina Dargor!

*You’re the basketball manager! Step into the game, call for a timeout, and replace your tired veterans with some young talented players to dunk on the other team, or ask them to defend the paint more tightly! Adapt your strategy and coaching systems to feed your shooting guard more or prevent the other center from rebounding too much. All your choices as coach and basketball manager have consequences.

*The training system makes it even more important to scout players from a multitude of universities, and draft future basketball stars to create the ultimate team! Don’t forget to build your arena and add shops to attract more fans to the game. Review your tactics and show the others who’s the best basketball coach.

*Follow the scoreboard, the rankings, and the reactions from the fans, reporters and players. Or write on social medias using the team’s account! You can also post your statistics online to compare your performances with the other basketball GM on our leaderboards!

*A fierce online competition
While the entire solo mode can be played offline, you can also decide to play online at any time, and participate in one of our many multiplayer modes! Try to become the King of Basketball in the Astonishing Contest and join a franchise of champions. Or impress other basketball coaches in one of the daily events like Rookie Friday.

*My Franchise Player
Tired of being a basketball manager and coach? Then play as your own franchise player, go from team to team to win championships, become an All-Star, sign with sponsors, buy shoes and unlock badges to get the highest score!

Train your players, from drafted rookies to all-stars, it’s your job as basketball manager and coach to find the rookies who have the potential to become legendary basketball stars and build a dynasty with the best strategy. Or play your own player career in “My Franchise player” mode and turn into a basketball star!

Download this game now, it’s a slam dunk!

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ABK is not affiliated with the NBA, and doesn’t include official data. However, custom rosters are provided by the community! -It’s here, the community-unlocked custom draft class editor! Import online files or start from scratch. Make sure you’re playing a scenario and give it a try!
-You can now edit the columns of the boxscore in the game and post-game screens. Just tap on a header and start customizing!
-New jersey patterns, so your players look even more gorgeous on the court
-You don’t have to fire a scout to see the potential candidates anymore
-Bug fixes and many other improvements all over the place!

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