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m HOLD’EM(エムホールデム)【ポーカー】
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m HOLD’EM(エムホールデム)【ポーカー】 APK Premium Pro OBB MOD Unlimited Download

◆◆◆m HOLD’EM(エムホールデム)とは? ◆◆◆

・m HOLD’EMは、トランプとポイントを使用したマインドスポーツ”テキサスホールデム”をプレイすることができるアプリです。今までテキサスホールデムをプレイしたことがない人も、テキサスホールデムの腕を磨き続けて高みを目指す人も満足できるアプリとなっております。

・m HOLD’EMでは、既存に存在するテキサスホールデムのゲームアプリのイメージを払拭するスタイリッシュなデザインと、有名イラストレーターがデザイン&有名声優が演じる個性豊かなアバター達と共にゲームを楽しむことができます。また、ゲーム中に状況に応じたキャラクターごとに用意されているスタンプを使って、プレイヤー同士の交流を取りながらテキサスホールデムを堪能できます。

・m HOLD’EMでは主に、毎回付与される初期ポイントを増やしてプレイヤーランクを上げていく「ランクマッチ」、所持しているmポイントに応じて自由なレートで遊べる「mポイントマッチ」、時間経過で上がる参加費の中で参加者同士でポイントを奪い合い最後の一人になるまで戦う「トーナメント」、m HOLD’EMをインストールしている者同士でどこでも自由なルールで遊べる「フレンドマッチ」の4つもモードで遊ぶことができます。





◆公式サイト ◆◆◆ What is m HOLD’EM? ◆◆◆

・ M HOLD’EM is an application that allows you to play the mind sport “Texas Hold’em” using playing cards and points. It’s an app that will satisfy both those who have never played Texas Hold’em and those who continue to hone their skills in Texas Hold’em and aim for heights.

・ At m HOLD’EM, you can enjoy the game with a stylish design that dispels the image of the existing Texas Hold’em game app, and unique avatars designed by famous illustrators and played by famous voice actors. In addition, you can enjoy Texas Hold’em while interacting with each other by using the stamps prepared for each character according to the situation during the game.

・ In m HOLD’EM, mainly, “rank match” that increases the initial points given each time to raise the player rank, “m point match” that you can play at a free rate according to the m points you have, time 4 of “Tournament” where participants scramble for points and fight until they become the last one in the participation fee that rises over time, and “Friend Match” where people who have m HOLD’EM installed can play anywhere with free rules You can play in Tsumo mode.

・ “Rank Match” is a mode in which you start from bronze and increase the rank one by one to become a professional. In addition, the top 500 professionals who perform each month will become legends the following month, and will be entitled to special tournaments and other benefits. Legends are replaced every month by top performers, including professionals, so even if you are at the top, you must constantly improve your skills.

・ “M point match” is a mode in which you can easily play at any time according to the rate and ability according to your m points. You can earn m points on a regular basis by completing login bonuses and missions.

・ “Tournament” uses the points prepared in the same way as the rank match, and will be dropped if the points you have become 0. In addition, the participation fee (blind) will gradually increase over time, so you need to actively steal points from others while protecting your own points. Keep fighting until you are the last one and aim for the championship!

・ In “Friend Match”, the leader can set up a room to play Texas Hold’em only with the members who want to participate. Feel free to play with friends, whether you are near or far away.

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