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Download 黑道風雲:老大你來做 Strategy APK Premium Pro OBB MOD Unlimited Latest Version of mobile application with (Premium, Pro, Unlimited, OBB, Beta, Hack). The application playstore id is com.game168.gameofmafia. we respect the android author/developer work so that why we only provide the original 黑道風雲:老大你來做 Application playstor link for download purpose. we can provide the download link of only APK file if android author/developer of application allowed to download. The 黑道風雲:老大你來做 Application is fully secure and malware free.

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黑道風雲:老大你來做 APK Premium Pro OBB MOD Unlimited Download

★ ★正統黑道策略手遊,和全球玩家一起街頭火拼!★ ★
☆天下風雲皆我輩,一入黑道永不悔 。

★ ★ 遊戲特色★ ★ 




官方LINE ID:@mafiaofgame
官方客服信箱:[email protected] 

※本遊戲內容涉及暴力(攻擊等 血畫面)、反社會、遊戲角色穿著明顯性特徵之服飾 ★ ★Orthodox underworld strategy mobile game, fight on the streets with players from all over the world! ★ ★
☆We are all in the world, and we will never regret once we enter the underworld.
☆Real-time interactive site competition, 365 days a day.
☆The conflict of interest between the corner heads, the endless feuds, and the wise and brave can win the world.
☆The only big server in the world, the traditional Chinese region is the first to go to war!

★★Game Features★★
☆☆High-definition Unity3D game engine, the ultimate game graphics☆☆
Zoom in and zoom out, the 360-degree exquisite picture quality without dead ends makes you immersive.

☆☆Real-time strategy assembly☆☆
Organize your family power, awaken Qiao Shi’s talents, and bring brothers to seek justice.
If you don’t kill them today, you will be killed by them tomorrow!

☆☆Global service! Fight for the throne of the underworld boss! ☆☆
There are only brothers and loyalty. No matter where you are from, communication is not a problem!
All corners will fight together from the south to the north, looking at Asia, marching into the world, and unifying the gang.

☆☆Strong force system, dozens of gangsters, military weapons are waiting for you to incorporate it☆☆
✔Thugs, human weapons are not enough to describe their brutality, head-on confrontation is commonplace.
✔Gunner, proficient in all firearms, including AK47, submachine gun, rifle or artillery.
✔The gangsters, hundreds of heavy locomotives move quickly to grab money and set fire, which is definitely a nightmare in the hearts of all gangsters!
✔ Modified cars, from small fortune cars to military Hummers, there are only cars you can’t think of that there are no underworlds that can’t be changed.

The Underworld Studio
Official LINE ID: @mafiaofgame
Official customer service mailbox: [email protected]
Official FaceBook Fan Group:
Official customer service-secretary (the secretary is always by your side)

●Warm tips
※This software is classified as supplementary 15 levels according to the game software classification management method
※Some contents of this game need to be paid separately
※Please pay attention to the game time and avoid indulging in
※The content of this game involves violence (attack and other bloody screens), anti-social, and game characters wearing costumes with obvious sexual characteristics 【全新內容】
3. 全新活動:「歡慶聖派翠克節」——貼紙玩出新花樣,探索黑道新方向~

1. 裝扮系統:
(1) 新增別墅外觀「失落古城」
(2) 新增隊伍特效「潛水員」
(3) 新增聊天氣泡「幸運三葉草」
2. 新增BOSS形象「凜櫻」
3. 新增部分音效及特效

2. 別墅「互動」優化:互動道具使用信件增加使用者的城市資訊
(1) 優化活動主介面的背景圖片
(2) 日常獎勵新增淘金時代資源搶劫任務
4. 調整:街頭之王裝備兌換道具兌換時新增珠寶店10級限制

1. 修復「歡慶婦女節」活動中,道具剩餘掉落次數顯示錯誤的問題
2. 修復「尋蹤奪寶」活動中,會搜尋到已經發現的卡車的問題
3. 修復「時光徽章活動兌換券」道具的兌換次數未重置的問題

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