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Download 野鳥検索図鑑 Lifestyle APK Premium Pro OBB MOD Unlimited Latest Version of mobile Application/Game with (Premium, Pro, Unlimited, OBB, Beta, Hack). The Application/Game playstore id is jp.gr.java_conf.mhirosawa.wildbirdsearch. we respect the android author/developer work so that why we only provide the original 野鳥検索図鑑 Application/Game playstor link for download purpose. we can provide the download link of only APK file if android author/developer of Application/Game allowed to download. The 野鳥検索図鑑 Application/Game is fully secure and malware free.

5.0 and up
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このアプリでは、Createive Commons、PUBLIC DOMAIN、GNU Free Documentation Licenseなどのライセンスの画像を使用しています。上記ライセンスの元、画像を公開して頂いている著作権者の方々にお礼申し上げます。

詳細画面で「上の画像の元データを開く」ボタンを押すことで、元画像のライセンス情報を確認できます。画像を見やすく/扱いやすくするために、一部の画像は加工しています。加工後の画像の入手を希望される方は、[email protected] までメールください。


2022-05-05 v1.2.1

2021-04–8 v1.2.0

2018-03-17 v1.1.6

2018-03-15 v1.1.5

2018-01-21 v1.1.4

2016-07-13 v1.1.3

2016-07-02 v1.1.2
 ・動作機種をAndroid 3以上に変更。

2016-06-27 v1.1.1
 ・Android4.x で選択肢が選択できない不具合を修正

2016-06-26 v1.1.0 

2016-06-19 v1.0.0 初版 It is a free full-scale application that you can search for 344 kinds of wild birds.

It is not an application like an observation note that you make yourself, but a search application that uses 344 types of wild bird search data and 335 types of photo images in advance. I don’t think there is any other free app that can search for this many wild birds.

You can search by specifying search conditions such as the size and color of the wild birds you witnessed.
(It is not necessary to specify all the search conditions. You can specify as much as you can understand).

The search results are sorted and displayed in the order that matches the search conditions (so 344 types are listed in the search results). The search results come with photo images, so you can search intuitively.

Tap the search result to change to the details screen. You can display the photographic image larger on the detail screen.

If you press the “View detailed explanation (WIKIPEDIA)” button from the details screen, the explanation of Wikipedia will be displayed and you can know detailed information such as the ecology of the wild bird.

You can search even in places where radio waves do not reach (outside the service area), but detailed explanations may not be displayed. Explanations that have been displayed once can be displayed even outside the service area. By pressing the “Batch download” button in “Settings”, all detailed explanations can be acquired (cached) in advance on the terminal and can be displayed even outside the service area.

The search screen can switch between simple search and advanced search.

The search condition limbs that can be specified in the advanced search are as follows.
(We plan to continue to enhance the data and further increase the search conditions).

・ Name (Kana)
・ Body color
・ Conspicuous color
・ How to fly
・ Endangered

This app uses images of licenses such as Createive Commons, PUBLIC DOMAIN, and the GNU Free Documentation License. We would like to thank the copyright holders who have published the images under the above license.

You can check the license information of the original image by pressing the “Open original data of the above image” button on the details screen. Some images have been processed to make them easier to see / handle. If you would like to get the processed image, please email [email protected]

Also, if you have any suggestions for improving the functions of the app or if you would like to contact us about any problems, we would appreciate it if you could send us an email as well.

2022-05-05 v1.2.1
・ Corresponds to the problem of Wikipedia display on Android 11 or later

2021-04–8 v1.2.0
・ Compatible with Android 11. Added privacy policy link.

2018-03-17 v1.1.6
-Fixed a bug that name search including “ka” and “sa” did not work properly in advanced search.

2018-03-15 v1.1.5
・ Fixed a problem that the options could not be displayed properly depending on the terminal.

2018-01-21 v1.1.4
・ Repair defects

2016-07-13 v1.1.3
・ Added a button to search on YouTube.
・ Changed to clear the month and endangered species with the clear button for advanced search options.

2016-07-02 v1.1.2
・ Fixed a bug that the next startup may not work if you exit on the Wikipedia screen.
・ Fixed a problem that the back button does not work.
・ Change the operating model to Android 3 or higher.

2016-06-27 v1.1.1
・ Fixed a bug that options cannot be selected on Android 4.x

2016-06-26 v1.1.0
・ Added a batch download function for Wikipedia data.
-Fixed a bug that some color searches were strange.
・ Partially changed the search data.
・ Added the designation of endangered species.
・ Fixed a bug that sometimes could not be searched.

2016-06-19 v1.0.0 First Edition v1.2.1 Android11以降でのWikipedia表示の不具合を改修

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