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四人麻雀 -初心者も楽しく遊べる本格的4人打ち麻雀アプリ
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四人麻雀 -初心者も楽しく遊べる本格的4人打ち麻雀アプリ APK Premium Pro OBB MOD Unlimited Download

『 四人麻雀 』は、初心者の方でも手軽に遊べる本格的な「四人打ち麻雀」です。対戦相手は個性豊かな戦国武将、初心者の方のプレイを助ける便利なアシスト機能や、上級者の方も継続して遊べる豊富なローカル・ルールローカル役、誰でもより楽しめる充実したオプションを用意しました。また、オフラインでもプレイできる「OFFLINE PLAY SYSTEM」機能を搭載しました。

《 主な特徴 》



 Android OS 5.0以上の機種に対応していますが、端末のスペックによっては快適に動作しないことがあります。

 アプリ内の「牌操作無力化機能」の一部には、「Apache 2.0 ライセンス」で配布されている製作物が含まれています。

 空想科学株式会社 “Four-person Mahjong” is a full-fledged “four-person mahjong” that even beginners can easily play. Opponents are unique Sengoku warlords , convenient assist functions that help beginners play, and abundant that even advanced players can continue to play. We have prepared rich options for everyone to enjoy with local rules and local roles . It also has a “ OFFLINE PLAY SYSTEM ” function that allows you to play offline.

《Main features》
・ Creation of legitimate tiles by “ tile operation incapacity function “
・ The opponent is a total of 60 unique “ Sengoku warlords “
・ Equipped with two modes, “free battle” and “winning battle”
・ Approximately 250 items of “ local role (rule) can be set
(Compatible with special rules such as “ crack ” and “ Alice “)
・ Abundant beginner settings including “ assist mode “
・ Approximately 350 items of battle record can be viewed in ranking format
・ “ Score ” that records past games can be played.
・ Customization such as theme setting and use of “ black tiles ” is also possible.
・ Supports non-display of advertisements (subscription)
・ Equipped with “ OFFLINE PLAY SYSTEM ” for offline environment

◆ Operation method
Please see the in-app guide.

◆ Terms of Use
It is a condition of use online with a well-established communication environment.

◆ Compatible models
It is compatible with Android OS 5.0 and above models, but it may not work comfortably depending on the specifications of the device.

◆ License
A part of the “tile operation disabling function” in the app includes the products distributed under the “Apache 2.0 license”.

◆ Planning / Development / Distribution
Kuusoukagaku Co., Ltd.
[ver 8.2.0] 2022/04/29 更新

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四人麻雀 -初心者も楽しく遊べる本格的4人打ち麻雀アプリ APK Premium Pro OBB MOD Unlimited Download Link

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