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Role Playing
4.1 and up
Version Updated

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劍與家園:龍牙遠征 APK Premium Pro OBB MOD Unlimited Download

● 全球通服,謀略無國界


● 龍牙遠征,探索新大陸


● 隨心轉服,回歸無壓力


● 兩種畫風,任由你切換



※請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷● Global service, strategy without borders

20 million overseas players are playing Chinese mobile games. Join the game and join Chinese compatriots to fight foreign players! The guild alliance, coordinated defense, joint siege, open the territory for the kingdom!

● Dragon tooth expedition to explore the New World

The new map is on the mainland, and everything is a new beginning. The fertile dragon tooth is open to the people, and the fierce dragon city is competing for a hit!

● Transfer to the heart, return to no pressure

The new version will open the forward and backward transfer functions at the same time. Players can choose the server that matches their own strength and return to the journey without any effort.

● Two styles of painting, let you switch

The Japanese family touched the new Japanese skin and the visual experience was completely renewed. The original version of the new style of painting a key switch, whether you like the European and American style, or the second yuan wind, there is always a suitable for you!

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※ The content of this game involves a violent plot (but no bloody picture), and it is classified as a secondary level according to the game software classification management method.
※This game is free to use, and the game also provides payment services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items.
※Please pay attention to the game time, avoid indulging

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