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Download モンスターカンパニーVer.6 – 超やりこみ放置ゲーム Simulation APK Premium Pro OBB MOD Unlimited Latest Version of mobile Application/Game with (Premium, Pro, Unlimited, OBB, Beta, Hack). The Application/Game playstore id is monnkani.burukuri. we respect the android author/developer work so that why we only provide the original モンスターカンパニーVer.6 – 超やりこみ放置ゲーム Application/Game playstor link for download purpose. we can provide the download link of only APK file if android author/developer of Application/Game allowed to download. The モンスターカンパニーVer.6 – 超やりこみ放置ゲーム Application/Game is fully secure and malware free.

モンスターカンパニーVer.6 – 超やりこみ放置ゲーム
4.4 and up
Version Updated

Screenshot of モンスターカンパニーVer.6 – 超やりこみ放置ゲーム APK Premium Pro OBB MOD Unlimited Download monnkani.burukuri Android Application/Game

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モンスターカンパニーVer.6 – 超やりこみ放置ゲーム APK Premium Pro OBB MOD Unlimited Download


コラボ実施中! 今なら戦国みここ(のじゃロリおじさん)が必ずもらえる!
無料でガチャ引き放題! かわいい楽しい放置ゲームです!

放置ゲーム × モンスター育成 × 完全無料ガチャ
 = やみつき経営シミュレーション!




ごく普通のシカのゲーム DEEEER Simulator から、「普通のシカ」、

◆公式サイト限定! バグ報告や改善案を送ろう!

・べりーぐー会員の初回特典の報酬がアップ! ダイヤ10→15、鍛錬石600→800、ラッキーチケット0→15。(すでに会員の方には差分が配布されます!)


※『のらきゃっと』はupd8公認の公式コラボです Super-large Appde Ver.6 is now available! /
A new element “Amusement park training” has been added!
Now, support beginners and get 20% off the required experience points up to Lv1500!

Collaboration is underway! Now you can definitely get Sengoku Mikoko (Uncle Nekomasu)!
All-you-can-eat gacha for free! It’s a cute and fun incremental game!

Incremental game x Monster training x Completely free gacha
= Addictive management simulation!

Collect, raise and dispatch cute monsters! ??
Real-time, monster dispatch company management simulation!
This is the first app to commemorate the individual developer Blue Creator!

◆ Game features
・ Real-time interlocking dispatch system!
-Crispy, light and easy-to-understand operability!
・ Pull the gacha with the dispatch reward!
・ A laid-back, but a little mysterious story!

◆ New user benefits!
HV Sengoku Mikoko (Uncle Nekomasu) will definitely get it in 3 days after logging in!

◆ Gorgeous collaboration is underway!
The legendary personal Vtuber, Nekomasu, is here!
In addition, “Noracat”, drawing magic, Yuzu flower, corpse, etc. are also participating in the collaboration!
From the ordinary deer game DEEEER Simulator, “Ordinary Deer”,
I fly with an eggplant. So, “Eggplant shrine maiden” is also a friend!

◆ Official website only! Send bug reports and suggestions for improvements!
If you report a bug or improvement plan from the mail form on the official website,
We will use it as a reference for future game improvements!
(Please use the email form on the site below)

◆ Ver.6 new elements
-Added a new neglected element “Moncanny Land”! (It will be released by clearing Part 2 Episode 4)
・ Adjusted some balance around the middle of the battle, which is easy to get stuck (Difficulty level downward revision in some stages of Part 1 35-37, Part 2 6-9)
-Reduced the time required for limit training at the upper limit of the level! (Significantly shortened, especially at low levels)
・ If you watch the advertisement by shortening the maximum time, you will get one wrought stone as a bonus!
・ You can now select a lucky ticket by breaking through the limit!
・ Floors with extreme earth rewards have been increased from 15 to 20!
・ Increase the reward amount of the lucky ticket of the extreme earth from 2 to 3!
・ The number of possessions of Gachachike, Energy, and Gold Gachachike has increased by an order of magnitude!
・ Abolition of Rank upper limit. Rank22855 and above can now be given!
・ Added automatic use of wrought stones as a new member benefit.
・ The reward for the first benefit of Berry Gu members has increased! Diamond 10 → 15, wrought stone 600 → 800, lucky ticket 0 → 15. (Differences will be distributed to members already!)
・ A new set of 100 diamonds has been added to the shop!

Recommended for people like this!
・ I like to play steadily!
・ I don’t have time, but I want to play a game!
・ I want an easy sense of accomplishment!
・ I like to see the numbers increase!
・ I’m tired of heavy games!
・ I want to draw lots for free!

* A network connection is required to play the game.
* “Mikoko” and “Nekoma” are official collaborations with special permission from “Kemomimi Okoku”.
* “Noracat” is an official collaboration officially recognized by upd8. Ver.6.2.3 4周年記念アップデート!
・朝ノ瑠璃コラボを実施! 特別看板スキンも期間限定で登場!(初のボイス付き!)
・べりーぐー会員の新機能! 一時的にレベルを下げてエナジー消費を抑える機能が追加!
・ダイヤガチャに特別看板スキン『[忍者系V声優]朝ノ瑠璃』を追加! 確率2倍&天井半減中!(期間5/1~5/15まで)

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