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ミナシゴノシゴト- 少女×英雄×戦場 父と孤児のRPG
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ミナシゴノシゴト公式Twitter: is Minashigonoshigoto? ]
A dark fantasy featuring “Minashigo,” an anthropomorphic orphan and a hero, and “Senjin,” who has the name of the battlefield.
A highly strategic turn-based command battle RPG that makes full use of the equipped weapons “Ability” and “War God”.
It is equipped with various support functions such as auto, automatic lap, and skip as well as automatic organization.

“One day, a war came down from the sky.”

The world defeated by the Great Demon King “Disaster” -Nirvana.
His land was dominated by the eight pillars of the “Demon King” invited by the disaster, and transformed into an iron-blooded land where the “battlefield” of another world was pouring down.

The last hope against the Demon King is the girls with the soul of a hero.

Reject the monster “Mamin” invited from another world,
Defeat the frenzied “war god” that arose from the battlefield,
Existence predicted to defeat even the Demon King.

Their “Minashigo” became the trump card for humankind.

Having lost his memory and power after fighting the disaster in the past, “you” decided to establish an orphanage to protect Minashigo at the end of the continent-Sun Sun Garden and raise “heroes” to overthrow the disaster.
And, ten years after the battle with the disaster, the counter-offensive operation of Minashigo and others was about to begin.

By carrying sadness and misery on her back, the girl becomes stronger …!
A heroine who anthropomorphized many “orphans and heroes” was organized into a unit,
Summon a war god who anthropomorphizes the mythical and historical “battlefield” and defeat the enemy! !!

“Our Shigoto is to regain the future”

And what they really want after finishing Shigoto is–

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If you have already played “Minashigonoshigoto” on a PC etc.
Data linkage is possible by logging in with a DMM account.

Minashigonoshigoto Official Twitter:

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