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Download ドラゴンクエストタクト Role Playing APK Premium Pro OBB MOD Unlimited Latest Version of mobile application with (Premium, Pro, Unlimited, OBB, Beta, Hack). The application playstore id is com.square_enix.android_googleplay.dqtactj. we respect the android author/developer work so that why we only provide the original ドラゴンクエストタクト Application playstor link for download purpose. we can provide the download link of only APK file if android author/developer of application allowed to download. The ドラゴンクエストタクト Application is fully secure and malware free.

Role Playing
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ドラゴンクエストタクト APK Premium Pro OBB MOD Unlimited Download


□□□ ゲーム内容 □□□





□□□ 推奨動作環境 □□□


※Google Playにてアプリの「更新」ボタンが表示されないケースがあることを確認しております。
1. お持ちのデバイスの「設定」アプリを選択
2. 「アプリ」または「アプリと通知」→「Google Playストア」を選択
※「Google Playストア」が表示されていない場合は「アプリをすべて表示」をタッチして一覧から選択してください
3. 「ストレージ」または「ストレージとキャッシュ」を選択
4. 「キャッシュを消去」を選択
※キャッシュ消去後もGoogle Playにて更新ボタンが表示されない場合、しばらく時間をおいてお試しいただきますようお願いいたします。 “Dragon Quest” is now available as a tactical RPG!
Lead a monster under your command and sortie on a square-shaped map!
Let’s enjoy the incandescent tactical battle unique to “Dragon Quest”, which is simple but profound!

□□□ Game content □□□

◆ Battle with a grid-shaped map!
The battle is unfolded on a grid-shaped map!
The “power” of monsters and the “range” of nails
Strategic elements hold the key to battle!
Easy operation and “auto” function, so anyone can enjoy it easily!

◆ Collect friends!
After the battle, monsters can get up and become friends!
Clear the quest and increase the number of reliable friends!

◆ Let’s strengthen the collected friends!
Earn experience points in battle and “level up” monsters!
By collecting more materials and “ranking up”, you can release the upper limit of the level!
There are many other training elements such as “strengthening nails” and “alchemy of sobi”!

◆ Let’s challenge the battle road!
Form a party with the designated monsters and challenge the battle road!
Since the consumption stamina is 0, you can challenge as many times as you like!
Furthermore, on Battle Road, it is not drawn in the main story,
Enjoy the original story of monsters!

□□□ Recommended operating environment □□□

OS: Android: 5.0 or later, 64-bit compatible (system memory 3GB or more) terminal

* We have confirmed that there are cases where the “Update” button of the application is not displayed on Google Play.
If the “Update” button is not displayed, please try the following operations.
1. Select the “Settings” app on your device
2. Select “Apps” or “Apps and Notifications” → “Google Play Store”
* If “Google Play Store” is not displayed, touch “Show all apps” and select from the list.
3. Select “Storage” or “Storage and Cache”
4. Select “Clear cache”
* Please do not “Delete data” or “Delete apps”.
* Please note that menu expressions and operation methods may differ depending on the terminal.
* If the update button is not displayed on Google Play even after clearing the cache, please try after a while. ・一部機能の調整

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