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Download エリオスライジングヒーローズ Role Playing APK Premium Pro OBB MOD Unlimited Latest Version of mobile application with (Premium, Pro, Unlimited, OBB, Beta, Hack). The application playstore id is we respect the android author/developer work so that why we only provide the original エリオスライジングヒーローズ Application playstor link for download purpose. we can provide the download link of only APK file if android author/developer of application allowed to download. The エリオスライジングヒーローズ Application is fully secure and malware free.

Role Playing
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エリオスライジングヒーローズ APK Premium Pro OBB MOD Unlimited Download

対応機種: Android5.0以降(Android6.0以降推奨)、OpenGL ES3以上
推奨端末: Snapdragon 835相当以上






▼ 簡単操作で爽快ヒーローバトル!

▼ メインストーリーはフルボイス!

▼ 『ヒーロー』の育成を楽しもう!

▼ ミニヒーローと触れ合おう!

興津和幸/櫻井孝宏/河本啓佑 【Recommended environment】
Compatible models: Android 5.0 or later (Android 6.0 or later recommended), OpenGL ES 3 or later
Recommended device: Snapdragon 835 equivalent or higher
* Depending on the usage situation, the operation may become unstable even in the recommended environment.
* If the USB debugging of your device is set to on, the app will not start, so please turn off the USB debugging.
* You cannot play on a terminal that has been rooted or illegally modified.

~ There is a believable companion here ~

Hero Training Command Battle RPG “Elios Rising Heroes”
Let’s experience the world view of Elios R with unique “heroes”!

“Major Hero”
-It is a great existence that protects peace and is loved by people
A high-energy body [substance] that came from space 50 years ago
Crashed in Million.

It had a great impact on the resource-depleted Earth,
At the same time, he became an existence that spread disasters and afflicted people.

Established in the damaged state of Million
Countermeasure mechanism [HELIOS]
Elitely entrusting the ability-type crystal stones discovered from [Substance]
A “hero” with special abilities was born.

▼ Easy operation and exhilarating hero battle!
The bond between “heroes” divides the victory and defeat!
Make full use of teamwork and grab the victory!
The highest rarity “Hero” [Burst Skill] comes with an anime!

▼ The main story is full voice!
The main story is full voice by gorgeous voice actors!
Immerse yourself in the world of Elios R!

▼ Enjoy training “heroes”!
There are [Hero] and [Frame], and let’s strengthen both and win the powerful enemy!
[Hero] may have its own story!

▼ Get in touch with the mini hero!
You can interact with mini heroes in [Patrol] and [Command Room]!
In [Patrol], let’s interact with the citizens, defeat the enemies and protect the peace of the city!
In the [Command Room], change the interior to your favorite interior and interact with the “hero”!

Title: Elios Rising Heroes
Genre: Hero Training Command Battle RPG
Official site:
Official Twitter:
Cast: Toshiyuki Toyonaga / Takashi Kondo / Wataru Hatano / Takuya Sato
Haruki Ishiya / Satoshi Hino / Junichi Suwabe / Kensho Ono
Ayumu Murase / Arthur Lounsbery / Kenjiro Tsuda / Kenichi Suzumura
Nobuhiko Okamoto / Yoshiki Nakajima / Subaru Kimura / Toshiyuki Morikawa
Ai Orikasa / Aimi Tanaka / Chihiro Suzuki
Kazuyuki Okitsu / Takahiro Sakurai / Keisuke Komoto

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